Decree nº 113/93 of 10 April has transposed European commission directive 89/106/CEE into Portuguese law, in order to homogenise the legislative dispositions regarding this matter across the Member States.

Directive 89/106/CEE is known as the Directive on Construction Products and aims to define procedures to adopt to ensure that construction materials are adequate to the end they are meant for, so that any undertaking falling under its scope complies with essential technical demands.

The Directive on Construction Products aims to ensure freedom of movement to all construction products within the Union by harmonizing national legislation regarding essential requisites concerning health, safety and well-being applicable to these products.

On 8 January 2007, Decree nº 4/2007 was published, introducing new adjustments concerning the updating of current terminology and the responsibilities of relevant institutions. One of its main goals was to clarify the mandatory addition of a CE marking on construction products.