Roof maintenance/ conservation work should be conducted by specialized professionals only; although the task is apparently simple, it should be carried out in compliance with safety regulations.

Moving and walking on a roof should be object of special care and the following aspects must be taken in consideration:

  • Workers must be fully aware of the risks associated with this type of work;
  • Before starting, risks should be carefully assessed. All work at height must be minutely planned, so as to reduce risks to a minimum;
  • Preventive measures in case of fall should be taken. These should consider both collective and individual safety. The should also be put in place before starting the work;
  • Roof access should be provided only for conservation and maintenance work;
  • Do not move or walk on the roof surface when wet;
  • Do not move loads over 120 kg on the roof surface;

When planning any repair, restoration or roof removal operations, comply with the following procedures regarding the removal and storing of any material removed from the roof.

Directive 92/57/EEC establishes the minimum safety and health instructions applicable to temporary or mobile construction sites.
Regarding work on roofs, this directive states, in annex I:

14. Work on roofs:

14.1. Where necessary to avert a risk or where the height or the slope exceed values set by the Member States, collective preventive measures must be taken to prevent workers, and tools or other objects or materials, from falling.

14.2. Where workers have to work on or near a roof or any other surface made of fragile materials through which it is possible to fall, preventive measures must be taken to ensure that they do not inadvertently walk on the surface made of fragile materials, or fall to the ground.