While roof maintenance should be conducted by specialized professionals, the owner may conduct preliminary inspections. However, the basic safety principles stated above should be strictly followed. If the owner does not have the necessary safety equipment, professional personnel should be called in.

Basic roof inspection operations should be conducted once a year (preferably before the start of the rain season): 

  • Unclog ventilation points.
  • Inspect all water drainage systems and remove any sediment that might block adequate water flow.
  • Clean all gutters and gutter-pipes.
  • Check the condition of insulation elements, mainly near chimneys, gutters and joists.

A thorough washing and cleanup of the roof should be conducted every three years, to remove all debris, vegetation and moss that might degrade the clay pieces and verify whether any pieces are broken or damaged, in which case they should be replaced.

If the condition of the roof is verifiably good, the work is done. Otherwise, move on to the next stage.