After the roof is inspected, it is advisable that a specialized professional conduct any maintenance/ conservation work deemed necessary.

When choosing the specialized professional to conduct the work, always ask for a detailed budget of the work to be conducted, how it will be processed and for work completion warranty.

The specialized professional should describe the work to be conducted accurately but it should be kept in mind that unforseen situations might arise (such as damaged structures or other roofing problems). It is expected that the specialized professional conducts an inspection of the roof prior to the start of works, and it is recommended that photographic records of any anomalies found be kept.

Roof maintenance operations might entail the following stages:

  • Removal of all and any type of vegetation and sediment accumulated by action of wind and other elements, by means of pressure washing;
  • Elimination of any snow residues that may block roof air vents;
  • Repair of insulating elements, namely around chimneys, gutters, joists, etc.
  • Should a deformation of the roof surface be noticed, the affected area should be raised and the situation assessed. A specialized technician, who will estimate the situation and plan any necessary interventions, should conduct this assessment;
  • Replace all damaged elements (roof tiles, accessories or other). It is advisable to keep spare pieces for this.
  • The roof should not have any applications that pierce it or impede water draining, such as antennas or solar panels, which must be placed on special structures, nor should any element overload the roof or its structure;
  • Functional or structural characteristics cannot be changed, nor the shape of the roof surface, including gutter-pipes and the ridge, except if a specialized technician advises it in the face of a functional or structural deficiency found on the roof;
  • Never apply chemical products on the roof that are not specifically advised by the maker.

If the roof tiles of a roof have any added hydrofuge or impermeabilizing product, it will be necessary to replace it periodically. However, Toreense advises the use of natural roof tiles, which can perfectly guarantee the functionality of a roof.