The area in question here is the convergence of two slopes, and as such, incorrect execution may compromise the whole roof.

Making a joist requires the use of metal ruffles, asphalt bands and other synthetic materials, supported on the profile and usually done with mortar.

As this is one of the most sensitive parts of the roof, 3 principles are of the utmost importance:

  • The cut of the tiles, which should cover at least 8 cm of the gutter as shown in the picture below.
  • The material to be used to make the gutter: the gutter should be made of a material that ensures its longevity. Generally, metallic or synthetic materials are used.
  • How to apply the material: as this is a critical zone, the application of the material should be conducted in a particularly careful manner, so as to ensure an effective draining of water.

marselha-caleira-laro Legend:
1. Rod
2. Steam barrier
3. Lath
4. Self-supporting insulation