If the roof includes eaves, a 2-piece set is used, known as over and under eaves. The use of these pieces is complemented by the application of eave corners, should the roof contemplate them.

marselha-beirado-cornija Legend:
1. Slab coating
2. Slab
3. Rod
4. Counter-laths
5. Lath
6. Tile
7. Cover and spout
8. Cornice (optional)

marselha-beirado-simples Legend:
1. Slab
2. Rod
3. Lath
4. Tile
5. Cover and spout

Eave pieces (under and over eaves) are placed on the cymatium, with mortar. When laying these pieces it is essential that: 

  • The inclination of the pieces in relation to the horizontal plane of the roof should be of at least 4%.
  • Free piece dimensions, i.e., those not placed on the cymatium should occupy a maximum of 2/3 of the eave.
  • Ventilation orifices are cone to allow ventilation of the eaves, as shown in the pictures below.