As has been pointed out before, the Torreense Lusa tile is a fitting roof tile, and as such, it is laid on the lath work with a defined spacing, which has also been mentioned before. It is essential that the longitudinal (vertical) and transversal alignment of the rows be strictly followed. Proper transversal alignment of the rows will be ensured if the lath values defined by the maker and verified on site, as advised in this manual, are followed.

The Torreense Lusa tile should be laid according to the following scheme:


The picture above shows the proper way to lay the tiles, allowing for slight adjustments while providing an overall view of how the roofing work will be conducted (applying the tiles from right to left and from bottom up). Applying the tiles this way will facilitate the alignment of several rows as the roof takes shape.

The “tile gap” is the distance between each tile curve. The next picture shows the tile gap with and without a double tile. 


Roof tiles should be aligned with the middle of the hollow part of the tile and not by its brim, nor by the intersection between the brim and the hollow as can be seen in the following scheme:


It should be noted that in slopes above 150% and/or exposed to strong winds, the roof tiles should be fixated to the lath work, at a proportion of 1 tile in 4. If the slope has values above 300%, all tiles must be fixated.