This is the finishing piece of a roof and is applied at the meeting point of the two slopes, fixated with mortar; however, other fixation solutions are available. This piece should be placed allowing for ventilation.

lusa-telhao Legend:

  1. Beam
  2. Rod
  3. Scantling
  4. Lath
  5. Counter-lath
  6. Tile
  7. Under-ridge wedge
  8. Ridge
  9. Mortar point
  10. Plastic, bituminous or metallic band
  11. Lining
  12. Steam barrier
  13. Metallic fastening
  14. Metallic support
  15. Prestressed Slab
  16. Insulation
  17. Nail

In Portugal, the fixation of ridge tiles is usually done by using mortar, a solution that is often not the best. When using mortar to fixate these tiles, always use a minimal amount and according to the picture.

lusa-cumes Ridge tiles are united by fitting and don not require any type of additional insulation.

When laying ridge tiles, maximum coverage should be ensured and wind and rain direction should be taken into consideration, as shown in the picture on the right.