Torrense manufactures the following tile types:

Torreense Lusa roof tile

Torreense Lusa Longitudinal and transversal fitting roof tiles, resulting from the combination of two previously existing roof tile types, the flat “Tegula” and the semi-cylindrical “Imbrex”, and known since its creation in the XIXth century as Lusa or Portuguese roof tile.

Its most striking feature, as is the case with all Lusa tiles, is the dimensional balance between the curved and flat ends, which should be roughly even. This roof tile is homogenous, versatile, easy to apply and highly resistant.

Torreense Marselha roof tile

Torreense Marselha This is a longitudinal and transversal fitting roof tile of French origin. Its origins date back to the XIX century, even though flat tiles have been produced for centuries.

The Marseille tile was quickly adopted throughout Europe, especially in the south. Its use in Portugal is somewhat restricted to specific regions.

The Torreense Marselha tile is flat, easy to apply and provides high coverage per m².

Torreense Canudo roof tile

Torreense Canudo Also known as arab tile, for its origin, or curved tile, for its shape.

The Torreense Canudo tile is known for keeping the profile and dimensions of the traditionally Portuguese Canudo tile.

Its shape and dimension is closely related to the female thigh, reminiscing a time when they were produced manually.

Torreense Milénio roof tile

Torreense Milénio At Torreense we think there is always room for improvement. And with this mindset, Torreense created a whole new type of roof tile.

This is a longitudinal and transversal fitting tile. It is not a Lusa tile as it has no flat end, nor is it a Canudo tile, as it features two curved ends, nor a Marselha tile as it isn’t flat.

It is, first and foremost, a new aesthetic concept with all the advantages of a traditional roof tile and some particular technical characteristics, making it a very special product.