Ceramic Building Materials

The brand Torreense is a reference in the Portuguese Ceramic Industry, especially with its significant presence in the Structural Ceramics market.

We have kept true to the initial aim of providing quality ceramic solutions for construction since 1928 and this is why we have diversified our business over the last 80 years and currently offer a wide range of products.

Covers: roof tiles and roof accessories.

Masonry: ceramic air bricks and jack-arch ceramic bricks.

Finishing: Tiles and bricks.

Sanitation: Earthenware pipes

Being made up of completely national capital, we possess 5 manufacturing units which annually transform 400,000 tonnes of clay into efficient, durable and economic products which are true to traditional preferences and open to new architectural trends.

In these pages you will get to know, in a structured and detailed manner, our range of products along with some useful technical information for professionals.

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