The roof as a whole must comply with a set of functional demands. In this chapter we will emphasize impermeability, proneness to condensation and thermal and sound insulation.

It should be noted that the proper performance of a roof does not depend exclusively on the characteristics of the clay materials used (roof tiles and accessories) but rather on the proper performance of each and every element it comprises, as well as on its conception and execution.

Impermeability to water

One of the fundamental functional demands of a roof. Several factors are relevant to its fulfillment:

  • The inclination of the roof;
  • The coverage of its elements (roof tiles and accessories);
  • The design of the roof tile.

Proneness to condensation

Condensation is usually associated to internal and external weather conditions (temperature, humidity and air displacement) as well as to the design of the roof and the permeability/impermeability of the materials used.

Thermal insulation

The roof should ensure energy conservation, not only for a matter of comfort, but also to minimize energy consumption. Hence the importance of thermal insulation.

Sound insulation

The acoustic behaviour of a roof is characterised by sound insulation to aerial sounds, R, at a frequency of 500 (Hz), expressed in decibels (dB).