Features of Torreense Milénio

01 Excellent dimensioning of the channel

Easy and rapid draining of heavy rainfall.

milenio_elevada_resistencia 02 High level of resistance

Greater resistance to transport, fitting and walking on the roofing than any other product on the market.

milenio_elevada_area 03 High overlapping area and top adjustment flexibility

Greater sealing of the roof and resistance to loads and movements on the roof. Possibility of movement of the tops (16mm), with obvious benefits in all coverings, particularly in special projects (restoration of buildings) and in the substitution of tiles while making use of existing battens.

milenio_ampla_gama 04 Large range of accessories

High degree of functional complementarity and aesthetic harmony between pieces (tiles and roofing accessories), with a special note for the introduction of more functional corners (3 and 5 pieces) and a new ventilation tile: simple application with groves with no need to use other application materials.

milenio_argila 05 Exclusively selected type of clay

Unique natural tonality and uniformity of the surface finishing (minimum fixation/adherence of the materials in suspension).

milenio_hidrofugante 06 Products without and with water repellent

Availability of the product with or without water repellent. Despite the initial appearance of the water repellent product, Torreense suggests the use of non water repellent products since these have a better long-term performance, especially in terms of resistance to ice and marine salts.

 milenio_facilidade 07 Increased ease in the transport and application

Products (tile and tile accessories) prepared on the pallet in mini packs, reducing breakage in the transport and facilitating handling.