Milénio (exclusive model)

telha torreense milenio INTRODUCTION

It seemed that in tiles and roofing, everything had been invented… But no.

A young and courteous tile was missing that was traditional but new, practical but creative. The tile that come to look to the future is called the Milénio.

The curvature of the piece, which starts at the groove and continues to the outer rim of the tile, involves us unexpectedly in movement and elegance.

But the greatest surprise comes later: have you ever seen the new texture of a Milénio tile?

  Telha Torreense Milenio Telha Torreense Milenio Telha Torreense Milenio
Lath spacing 35,5 cm 34,8 cm 35,5 cm
Weight 3,400 kg 3,000 kg 3,400 kg
Lenght 44,0 cm 43,5 cm 44,0 cm
Width 25,5 cm 25,0 cm 25,5 cm
Pieces/m2 12,5 13 12,5

produto-certificado_marca-ce Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, slight variations in size and tonality may occur. This is a normal result of the fabrication process and such variations are to be expected. The weight and measurement values presented here are merely indicative and should be confirmed on site.