Quality Guarantee Terms

Cerâmica Torreense takes full responsibility for the expenses resulting from product faults, as long as they are applied according to the instructions described in the “Ceramic Roof Tiles Application Manual”, edited by APICER (Portuguese Ceramic Industry Association).

By “full responsibility for the expenses”, we mean:

  1. The replacement of faulty parts when defects have been detected before applying the product in place, such as warps, breaks or shades. Should this be the case, the constructor must separate these parts and quickly contact Cerâmica Torreense or the supplying company.
    Attention: After its application in place, the product will not be considered faulty when it comes to defects which were visible and detectable prior to being applied in place, such as those above mentioned.
  1. The replacement of faulty parts on site and the costs inherent to their replacement on the roof, in case the detection of faults occurred after the products had been put in place, as long as those defects were not detectable prior to being applied on the roof. Only those cases concerning joint and exclusive application of roof tiles and accessories with Torreense make are taken into consideration.

The faults covered are those which make the product non-conforming with the terms defined in the European norm for ceramic roof tiles certification – NP EN 1304 – in force at the date of manufacture.

Cerâmica Torreense recommends the use of non hydrofuge products and joint assembly of roof tiles and accessories of the same brand.

In case of hydrofuge products, the full range of expenses covered by the above mentioned line a) applies, i.e., all the faults detected before applying them in place. Those cases covered by line b) will be duly assessed.