Lusa (portuguese roof tile)


telha torreense lusa The lusa tile is traditionally considered to be a Lusitanian invention.

Quick to apply and with a robust fitting system, this tile offers high levels of resistance in the covering.

A wide range of accessories provides a very balanced covering, from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

Torreense offers different surface finishings for the lusa tile, responding to regional and architectural specificities: traditional colours (natural red, white and brown) and patines.

  Telha Torreense Lusa Telha Torreense Lusa Telha Torreense Lusa
Lath spacing 38,5 cm 38,0 cm 38,5 cm
Weight 3,800 kg 3,350 kg 3,800 kg
Lenght 46,5 cm 45,5 cm 46,5 cm
Width 27,0 cm 26,5 cm 27,0 cm
Pieces/m2 11,5 12 11,5

produto-certificado_marca-ce Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, slight variations in size and tonality may occur. This is a normal result of the fabrication process and such variations are to be expected. The weight and measurement values presented here are merely indicative and should be confirmed on site.