Features of Torreense Marselha

marselha_menor_peso_por_metro_quadrado 01 Less weight and greater surface covering per square metre

With just 10.5 tiles per square metre, a lighter covering at lower cost is achieved. This characteristic is especially relevant in coverings with a large surface area.

marselha_planaridade 02 Aesthetic effect of the covering

Greater planarity of the roof surface.

marselha_elevada_resistencia 03 High level of resistance

Greater resistance to transportation, fitting and walking on the roofing than any other product on the market.

marselha_duplo_encaixe 04 Double grooving (lengthways and transversally)

High degree of proof against water, air/ wind and suspended materials generally.

marselha_ampla_gama_acessorios 05 Large range of accessories

High degree of functional complementarity and aesthetic harmony between pieces (tiles and roofing accessories), with a special note for the introduction of a new ventilation tile: simple application with groves with no need to use other application materials.

marselha_argilas_seleccionadas 06 Exclusively selected type of clay

Unique natural tonality and uniformity of the surface finishing (minimum fixation/adherenc£e of the materials in suspension).

marselha_hidrofugante 07 Products without and with water repellent

Availability of the product with or without water repellent. Despite the initial appearance of the water repellent product, Torreense suggests the use of non water repellent products since these have a better long-term performance, especially in terms of resistance to ice and marine salts.

marselha_facilidade 08 Increased ease in the transport and application

Products (tile and tile accessories) prepared on the pallet in mini packs, reducing breakage in the transport and facilitating handling.

marselha_versatilidade_montagem 09 Versatility in the fitting

The Torreense Marselha tile provides two joining possibilities; aligned and cut. Apart from the different aesthetic effects they provide, the option for an aligned fitting is easier, more economical and safe since it does not require tile cutting.