Canudo (traditional roof tile)


telha torreense canudo The canudo tile is a traditional product and is also known as the Moorish or Arab tile.

With a view to a faithful preservation of the building patrimony of the country, this tile is very often the most sought-after product for restoration and reconstruction.

For special projects, Torreense makes different surface finishings available that allow a harmonious integration of the reconstructed covering within the context of the surrounding buildings and landscapes.

  Telha Torreense Canudo Telha Torreense Canudo Telha Torreense Canudo
Lath spacing 37,0 cm 37,0 cm 37,0 cm
Recommended Overlap 7 a 9 cm 7 a 9 cm 7 a 9 cm
Weight 1,850 kg 1,750 kg 1,850 kg
Lenght 45,7 cm 45,0 cm 45,7 cm
Narrow end width 12,2 cm 12,0 cm 12,2 cm
Wide end width 16,0 cm 15,0 cm 16,0 cm
Pieces/m2 30 31 30

produto-certificado_marca-ce Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, slight variations in size and tonality may occur. This is a normal result of the fabrication process and such variations are to be expected. The weight and measurement values presented here are merely indicative and should be confirmed on site.